Why do dogs even need any of these services?

Much like humans, canines are social animals as well. And they are pack animals too, which means that they need socialization with other dogs and humans in order to be well-adjusted and feel fulfilled. Supervised daycare by trained dog care professionals provides dogs with the best environment for socialization because it facilitates a stable environment for them to learn to play safely and it also helps to keep dogs active and healthy. Also, daycare eliminates boredom so they are less likely to become destructive to valuable property, develop bad habits like unnecessary barking, and have accidents in the house while you’re away. Plus, it’s fun! And, you never have to feel guilty about being away on vacation because they’re on vacation too with our daycare/boarding schedule! And training helps to develop desirable behavior and curtail undesirable behavior so you can continue to love your dog more as “man’s better best friend.” And grooming? Well, we all want our dogs to be clean and well-groomed! And of course, a little rewarded/spoiled sometimes….