Our Team


Our Team

Each of our dog care experts, known here at Wiggle Waggle Pet Resort as an “hotelier,” is committed to delivering great service and professional care to you and your dogs, much like the first-class service you would expect to find at a luxury resort for humans, now just for your dogs!

And, unique to our privately-owned facility and our philosophy, it’s not uncommon to see our founders on-site before hours, during hours, and after hours, all to ensure that you and your dogs have a wonderful personalized experience with us!

Want to know more about us?  Here’s an introduction of some members of our team below…


  • Jeannette

    Founder, devoted dog lover, ambitious philanthropist, pseudo-athlete, and nerd at heart

    With an insatiable love for dogs, knowledge, philanthropy, and fitness, it was only natural for Jeannette to create an organization dedicated to improving the lives of humans and animals everywhere while being eco-friendly to help protect our planet. As a qualified dog obedience trainer with an educational background in psychology and over a decade of experience as a scientific business executive and national field trainer as well as a volunteer and donor to charity, Jeannette aspires to transform her company mission into a reality and be the great person her three rescue dogs look up to her to be.
  • Roo

    Founder and the biggest dog anywhere

    Growing up on the streets of San Pedro, this once adorable 10-pound rescue puppy has since grown into a goofy 110-pound Great Dane / Lab mix. Having outgrown everything, Roo quickly became the guiding force of Jeannette’s life and easily became foundation to the concept of Wiggle Waggle Pet Resort. Having retired from long-distance running, Roo’s favorite activities now include tug-of-war with friends, lying down to watch the world go by, playing with friends of all sizes, and reminding us that while life may not always work out as we plan, it works out as it should.
  • Mini

    Founder and mischief artist

    Found as a stray wandering the mean streets of Compton, this small but scrappy Border Terrier mix wins over hearts everywhere he goes. By becoming the surprise addition to Jeannette’s small apartment household, Mini quickly became the inspiration for planting roots back in Brea and helped co-founded the concept of Wiggle Waggle Pet Resort. Mini’s favorite hobbies include going out on adventures to explore the world, playing fetch, eating all kinds of foods, making new friends both with fur and without, and reminding us that life’s random adventures often lead us to where we are meant to go.
  • Peanut

    Founder and expert lap dog

    Adopted as a foster dog from the San Pedro shelter, this small Chihuahua / terrier mix completes the ironic range of sizes of dogs in Jeannette’s home. As the unexpected and last addition to the family, Peanut quickly became the gentle but spunky energy that brought Wiggle Waggle Pet Resort from a concept to reality. Peanut’s favorite hobbies include playing with all dogs regardless of their size, going on long runs and walks with her mom, chewing on bones daily and nocturnally, rolling over for belly rubs, and reminding us that life’s detours can often guide us to where we should be going.
  • Beth

    Social media coordinator and resort’s pastry chef

    Originally from Texas, Beth moved to southern California to try out the great weather. Of course, she brings with her a deep love for animals, passion for music, and gusto for baking. As Wiggle Waggle’s social media coordinator, she makes sure that the company's social media reflects the brand and, of course, just how much fun dogs are having here at the resort! Also, as the resort’s pastry chef, she makes sure that the resort's original homemade dog cookies, treats, and cakes are baked with love to the highest standards!
  • Jason

    Marketing coordinator and cycling fanatic

    As a cycling fanatic, Jason has supported many great causes through cycling, including organizations for battling multiple sclerosis, cancer, and more. Fueled by a love for the sport and an interest in dogs, guests will likely see Jason riding around town on his bike donning Wiggle Waggle gear to create awareness of the Wiggle Waggle brand and market the resort's services in an eco-friendly way!
  • Kuan

    Hotelier & Dog Entertainment Coordinator

    After retiring from a career as a car mechanic, Kuan generously dedicates his free time to helping at the resort.  As a supportive father and lifelong fan of dogs, Kuan’s dedication is a wonderful addition to keeping the resort fun and active for all our dog guests!